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Covid Protocols



In our line of work our sanitation practices require us to be very vigilant, but at The Spa In Whitinsville, we have always gone above and beyond the required standards.  

We use hospital grade disinfectant and higher than the standard alcohol content to clean and disinfect our equipment and implements, which is done after every client service.  The Spa itself is cleaned on a daily basis.

I just want to assure you that we take our responsibility in keeping our clients and ourselves healthy, very seriously.

We have implemented safety standards to keep you as well as our staff members safe and healthy.

**Appointments will be staggered so there will be no more than 2/3 people up front at a time, your staff member, the receptionist, and yourself.

**We ask that you wait in your car until we call/text you to come up.

**We will be taking your temperature before you enter the spa and you will fill out a Covid informed consent form

**There will be an hour between each 1 hour appointment, the longer or shorter the appointment, the wait time will fluctuate accordingly.

**You and your staff member will be required to wear a mask during your service. Our staff members will also be wearing gloves when appropriate.

*With facials/waxing/threading that would be impossible, so the service member will be wearing a mask.

**Hand sanitizer will be available in each room and the receptions area.

**Treatment rooms will be disinfected after each service, as is standard practice, but will also have a longer period to circulate the air.

**Our staff members will be washing hands and using sanitizer, as well as changing uniform/smock/apron between each client. 

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